Keeping Your AC Unit Healthy With Regular Cleaning’s

It’s near the end of the season of spring cleaning and there might be an important part of your home in need of attention you’ve never considered. With Charlotte heating up, JLK Mechanical, the leading source of air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC, can’t stress enough the importance of scheduling an annual cleaning session for your AC unit before dust and dirt do damage to your unit. Dirt in an AC unit can affect the energy efficiency of an AC unit and the air quality in your home. Scheduling a cleaning will help you avoid wear and tear that will run shorten the life of your AC unit and will improve your energy efficiency over the summer months.

Dust that’s built up in an AC unit reduces the level of heat exchange within the unit, limiting the amount of heat the dust-covered coils can absorb. This leads to less cool air going through your home and more hard work for your AC unit. This wears the unit down and increases your energy bill as you crank up the AC to compensate for the reduction. Dust build up in the ductwork or filters also reduces airflow and works your AC unit harder while pumping dust into the air of your home which can aggravate allergies. If left to build in excess in any component of your AC unit, dirt can bring an AC unit to a complete stop, leaving you stuck facing a Charlotte summer with no relief.

AC unit cleaning’s require a professional hand to complete. They must be opened up and each component must be removed and cleaned to make sure all dirt is cleared. Only a trained professional can safely disassemble and clean an AC unit and contacting JLK Mechanical means your AC unit will get cleaned right the first time, saving you discomfort and increased electric bills. Get the quality service at affordable prices you deserve with JLK Mechanical, your best choice for air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC. Receive a FREE quote or estimate today!

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    Author: Adelfa Abril

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