Learn About Different Methods of Vapor Mitigation Services in Chicago

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Cleaning


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If you own industrial or commercial properties, you must get vapor mitigation services to allow the safe and beneficial use of the land. Read through to understand the two methods used in vapor mitigation.

2 Types of Vapor Mitigation Methods

Vapor mitigation is important for structures built in areas with contaminated groundwater or soil. If that is your building, consider having vapor mitigation in Chicago to remove chemicals from your building.

The following are the main vapor mitigation methods used by specialists.

1. Passive Methods

Passive methods are used to prevent the entrance of chemical vapors into a building. These are usually installed when the building is under construction. They can also be used on existing buildings. Even if you are not sure whether your building is at risk, you can still install passive vapor mitigation systems in case of future contaminations.

2. Active Methods

Active vapor mitigation systems alter the pressure variance between the sub-slab and the inner part of the building to keep out the vapor. This method aims to develop a negative pressure underneath the concrete floors, especially for buildings with basements and slab on grade buildings.

The active Vapor mitigation method reduces health threats in buildings with chemical vapors that residents might inhale. Vapor mitigation in Chicago, for instance, has additional benefits, including reduced radon and moisture in the buildings.

Ensure no chemical vapors from contaminated soil, or underground water moves up your building by getting the most reliable company for environmental field services. Contact Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC today and get professional vapor mitigation services.