Locating A Hive And Eliminating A Honey Bee Swarm In Dublin OH

Honey bees can be found in warm climates and often make hives on outdoor structures. If a home owner notices that a lot of bees have been flying around their front porch, they need to observe the bees to locate a hive. After discovering where a hive is located, the following steps can be performed to eliminate bees and a hive.

  • Materials
  • flashlight
  • protective gear
  • extension ladder
  • garden sprayer
  • water hose
  • powder pesticide
  • A large piece of plastic sheeting
  • metal shovel
  • long-handled scrub brush

Administer Pesticide And Continue To Observe A Nest

A bee hive needs to be sprayed when it is dark outside because bees are active during the day and will be more likely to sting a person if they approach a hive. Protective clothing should be worn by an individual who will be administering pesticide. A person’s face can be covered with a piece of netting and a hood should be placed over an individual’s head. If a hive is located in an elevated area, an extension ladder should be used. Pesticide should be prepared according to instructions that are listed on its packaging.

If pesticide needs to be mixed with water, pesticide and water should be added to a garden sprayer’s tank. After spraying bees with liquid pesticide, power pesticide should be applied to a hive’s opening. Powder will suffocate bees and make it impossible for them to leave a hive. Bees will die within a couple days after the pesticide is used.

Remove A Nest And Clean Surfaces

A large piece of plastic sheeting should be draped across the ground, directly underneath a hive. While standing on a ladder, the tip of a metal shovel can be used to strike a hive and remove it from its current location. After a hive falls onto a piece of sheeting, sheeting can be wrapped around a hive before disposing of it. A long-handled scrub brush and a water hose should be used to remove traces of a hive from surfaces.

Property owners should Contact Wildlife Control Professionals if they need assistance with eliminating a Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH. A team of exterminators will inspect property to determine how severe an infestation is. After a Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH has been eliminated, a followup inspection and future applications of pesticides will prevent pests from becoming a nuisance again.

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    Author: Adelfa Abril

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