Modular Home Builders in New Jersey Create Solid Homes With Craftsmanship

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance


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atrium-logo4Atrium Development Co   has been building modular homes for over 30 years. They belong to the National Association of Home Builders, and they want to not just meet but exceed building code requirements as well as the EPA’s energy-efficiency requirements. The idea of a modular home may sound like a mobile home, but it is not at all the same. In fact, many large, two-story homes, even brick homes, in some of the finest neighborhoods, may actually be modular homes.

Modular home builders in New Jersey can build modular homes in all popular designs, like Cape Cod homes, single-story ranch homes, bi-level homes, and two-story colonial homes. These homes have features like attached double garages, sliding glass doors, dormers, porches, and full basements. They can even build multi-family town houses and duplexes.

While a mobile home is a manufactured home, that isn’t the same as a modular home. There are different building standards required for manufactured homes, and they are each built on a steel chassis. In contrast, Modular home builders in New Jersey are required to build modular homes that meet the same building codes as any traditional stick-built house. Also, while some communities do not allow manufactured homes, modular homes are allowed anywhere.

Modular homes are gaining in popularity. They can be less expensive to build. Each home has several modular components to it, and each of these section is built off site in a factory. This means that because the builders are not working outside, there are no weather delays that push back the move-in date. Construction materials are not stolen, the build does not get vandalized, and no building materials sitting outside in the elements can get ruined, which all adds up to increased cost for the buyer. Another factor that keeps the cost down is that since the modular home factory is able to buy construction materials in bulk, they can then pass those savings on to the buyers.

Once the various modular units are delivered to the home site, it only takes a day or two to set up. A two-story home can be completed in three months. Buyers can have a basement with most home designs, and they can work with the builder to incorporate their own design plans into their final build.

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