Why Is An Electronic Toilet So Great?

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Home And Garden


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If you have been using (and chances are that you have) a regular toilet for many years and you are basically sick and tired of it, especially of the times when it is cold and you will have to sit on a cold toilet seat in the morning, then you will certainly want to change it soon. The good news is that an electronic toilet is the best solution in your case and it comes with so many features that you will be blown away by its functionality. Below, you will learn more about its advantages.

One of the main aspects you will need to know about the Electronic Toilet  is that it can easily warm itself up, so no matter when you will want to use it, you will always feel very comfortable sitting on a warm seat. Even better, depending on the model you get, you may even set the temperature and you can program the toilet seat to either get warm when you use it or to be heated continuously.

Next, it also has the function of washing your butt and also drying it after you have used it. You maybe laughed about it when you saw the Asian commercials on YouTube maybe a few years ago, but this is no Sci-Fi stuff and everything is real. As a result, you won’t even have to worry about using toilet paper. How great is that?

Lastly, an electronic toilet will also flush itself automatically, so you’ll never have to even mind pressing the flush button. All you will need to do is get up and walk away from it and as soon as it will detect you have moved away from it, it will flush. Now in terms of price, they may be a little expensive, but they are certainly worth it.