Mold Remediation in San Jose for Walls?

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Home And Garden


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Concern about indoor mold exposure is increasing as the public becomes aware of the health dangers. Allergic reactions are the most common effect of mold exposure, and can range from mild to severe. Homeowners who attempt to resolve the issue by themselves with the use of bleach or paint are making the problem worse.  Mold remediation in San Jose should only be done by licensed professionals such as SWIFT Restoration Company.

How Mold Spreads

Virtually any organic substance can allow mold to grow if the conditions are right. There a several different types which can multiply on walls, insulation, food, carpets, paper, and wood. It can be brought into the home on clothing or shoes, or the spores can blow in through open spaces. Once the spores settle they produce filaments. These root-like structures spread out on the surface. When they are disturbed by cleaning, spores travel through the air to new locations and repeat the cycle.

Signs of Mold on Walls

Bulging, discoloration, and peeling or cracked paint are strong indications that your walls may have moisture. Upon close inspection, it may be obvious that mold is growing. While growth on the wall is bad enough, this is also a sign of mold growing behind the wall. Small patches which are visible on the exterior portion may actually be seepage from the interior. To fix the damage, mold remediation in San Jose is essential.
A musty odor in your home can also mean mold. Natural moisture that gathers in humid or damp areas such as basements and bathrooms are common places to find mold. At SWIFT Restoration Company, our focus is on the needs of customers, and we respond to calls for help within thirty minutes. Don’t wait days or weeks for the other guys. Get us on the job quickly!

Why Mold Grows on Walls

Water leaks, condensation, and high humidity are the most common causes of mold growth on walls. Appliances such as stoves or dryers can cause condensation and increase the level of humidity in the home. Over long periods of time high humidity levels will cause mold to grow. Leaking pipes inside the wall or near to it can cause significant damage. By the time mold has been discovered, it is normally completely set within the structure. Drying the water is the primary concern for mold remediation in San Jose and a swift response is critical.

Getting Rid of Mold

We are experienced at mold remediation in San Jose. Finding the source of the moisture and eliminating it to prevent future occurrences of mold takes the expertise and knowledge that we have. Our IICRC Certified Technicians follow specific procedures for safe mold remediation in San Jose.  We utilize advanced professional techniques to extract the water, along with injections systems, dehumidifiers, heaters, fans, and any other equipment necessary to prevent further damage to the walls.