Thinking Big in the Kitchen

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Kitchen Improvements


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Human creativity knows no bounds and there are few places where we are more creative than in the kitchen. Every day hundreds of thousands of people take to their kitchens in Brisbane to prepare delicious and colourful meals. Just as a kitchen is a creative space, it can also be creative in and of itself, and Konstructis are committed to incorporating your bold ideas with our own in order to create a kitchen that offers daily inspiration and enjoyment.

If you like to think big and you happen to be planning on a kitchen makeover, Konstructis has a few ideas that may just help you create the bold impression you want:

Large Islands
A kitchen island is naturally conspicuous, but why not make it really standout? A large island can be the focal point of kitchens in Brisbane and a hub of activity. A large but minimal surface and sleek fittings will give it a modern feel or you could choose a style or colour scheme different yet complementary to the surroundings to create a vibrant contrast.

Oversized Splashbacks
Take a similar approach to your splashback design. A large tiled, plastic or stainless steel splashback gives kitchens in Brisbane a raw, cutting edge feel. Further enhance these qualities by de-cluttering surrounding surfaces. Long, linear fittings and floating shelves will add to the modern and functional feel.

Bold Lighting
Konstructis recommends lighting be at the forefront of your designs for kitchens in Brisbane. Large, interesting or even sculptural light fittings are another way to accentuate a modern feel in the kitchen and the atmosphere can be altered further through your choice of bulbs, ranging from ambient to bright.

Feature Fittings
Small can also be big. Just as an exquisite piece of jewellery can be the standout item in an entire wardrobe, unique fittings can be a focal point of kitchens in Brisbane. Colourful handles can offset minimal cabinets, unique joinery can contrast the flat rigidity of shelving and unusually shaped taps create an interesting juxtaposition with their linear surrounds.

These are just some of the ways that expansive thinking can help you achieve unique, beautiful and functional kitchens in Brisbane. Konstructis assist in bringing these ideas to life and will suggest a few of our own that result in the ideal space for cooking, eating and socialising in. If you want to make a statement with your kitchen, think contrast, think texture and think big. In doing so, you’ll liven up one of the most used rooms of your house. It might even inspire you to cook better meals!