Does Your Dayton Kitchen Show Your Personality? How To Design A Kitchen That Does

Homeowners remodeling their kitchens pore over pictures online and in magazines. The trouble is the pictures have not one sign of personality. You want your kitchen renovation contractor in Dayton, OH, to put your personality into your kitchen. How can this be done?

Make A Wall Planter

Do you have pots of herbs on the kitchen window sill? Would you like to have more, but haven’t space? Make one of your walls a frame into which you insert plants, be they flowers or herbs. It looks like a living wall.

Use Innovative Cabinet Hardware

Show your personality through cabinetry hardware. There are leather straps, driftwood-type wood handles, painted glass, colored enamel, and handmade knobs and pulls found in out-of-the-way places.

Splash Art Across The Kitchen

We’ve seen pictures of kitchens with large colorful paintings, three foot wooden forks and spoons, and framed words of wisdom. Throw letters onto the wall to spell “kitchen,” the family name, or maybe “pie.” Hang pictures of wineglasses or fruit. Mount pretty plates. We’re sure you get the picture.

Use Antiques

Why can’t kitchens have unique touches like living areas or bedrooms? Do you have an antique tea cart or an early 20th century black iron cookstove? If you have enough room, your kitchen renovation contractor in Dayton, OH, can work in some space for an authentic cabinet to display your antebellum cast iron cooking pot collection. Lifestyle Kitchen Designs knows how to inject personality into their renovations, so ask them how when you contact them at website domain.

Author: Adelfa Abril

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