Options and Benefits of an Overhead Door in West Bloomfield, MI

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Doors And Windows


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When it comes to a building a home, people typically think about style, color scheme, square footage, interior layout and numerous additional visual and physical aspects. Other facets are only secondary though many of them should be at the forefront of homeowners’ minds. Elements like roofing, foundations, window glazing and garage doors are as vital to the security, efficiency and appearance as a home as all those larger considerations. An Overhead Door in West Bloomfield MI could help enhance all those important aspects.

Discussing the Options for Overhead Doors

Overhead garage doors can be incredibly efficient, durable, safe and stylish in light of the numerous materials and designs available. Since they’re also versatile, they’re capable of melding with a wide range of architectural themes. At the same time, these types of doors are convenient and energy efficient. Take these factors as well as the following into account if you’re trying to decide if they’re right for your home.

  • Materials:
  • Galvanized steel is one of the more common materials used for garage doors. It blocks out sound as well as the elements and comes in different gauges providing varying levels of fire resistance and security. Aluminum is popular as well because it offers longevity and freedom of design. Being lighter than steel, it may also create less wear and tear on other components of the door.
  • Types:
  • An Overhead Door in West Bloomfield MI will typically either be a sectional roll-up or tilt-up model. Both provide effective safeguards against the elements and help keep out intruders whether they’re of the human or wildlife variety. They also hold up well to repeated use and the types of abuse typical families put them through. Since they’re easily installed and designed to work on either manual or automatic platforms, they’re convenient as well.
  • Styles:
  • Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed with overhead garage doors. They can be fashioned in a virtually endless array of styles and colors with or without glass panels. Aluminum and steel can be designed to mimic wood as well, so style isn’t an issue.

Any number of homeowners are leery of overhead doors because they’ve been led to believed they’re highly limited in features and options. Few things could be further from the truth. Contact Tarnow Doors to learn more or to schedule a consultation.