Quality of Granite Countertops

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Flooring


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Granite’s cost is not the greatest gauge of its value. It is comprised of mica, quartz, feldspar and other minerals. Granite’s quality is verified by how many gentle minerals are present, how it is cut, and its color. There are many viable options for granite in Naperville, IL. But how does one determine the quality of granite?

Derivation and Cost

The country of derivation considerably changes the cost of granite, even when relating two slabs of identical quality. For example, China inclines to yield the cheapest stones because of decreased labor expenses, while granite from Brazil and Italy is more expensive. Distance also factors in the cost of granite because granite is heavy, resulting in costly shipping.


Granite comes in various colors; however, some shades are in higher stock than others. This contributes to both the price and quality of the stone. For example, red, purple, and blue are the most uncommon, which results in a greater price tag. Green and beige are more readily accessible. Some colors are considered more robust than others. For example, browns and reds are inclined to be harder and are known for being more time-consuming to cut than other colors. However, with a residential countertop presentation, appropriately tended for granite of any color is durable.


Thicker granite is of greater value than thinner slabs. One and a quarter inch granite is desired for counters because they provide the permanence most homeowners are looking for along with the visual weight that many anticipate from a natural stone. Granite is removed in vast chunks and then relocated to a manufacturing facility where it is cut into slabs. In order to acquire more counters out of one stone, some industrialists cut thinner sections. This reduces sturdiness in the slab, especially if it is less than an inch thick.

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