The Dos and Don’ts of Selecting an Air Conditioning Contractor in Harford County, MD

by | Nov 14, 2018 | AC Repair


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As is the case with hiring other contractors, the task of identifying and enlisting the services of a reputable Air Conditioning Harford County, MD contractor can be challenging and confusing. There are hundreds of fly-by-night HVAC installation and repair contractors that will easily lure you into a trap with highly discounted prices. However, you can avoid falling into this trap by acquainting yourself with the dos and don’ts of selecting experienced and skilled air conditioning contractors.

The Dos

– Foremost, you need to be prepared to do due diligence. Since you are getting ready to spend a considerable amount of money on repairing your air conditioning unit, you need to make certain that the selected HVAC contractor can provide you with return on investment. During your research, you need to find out if the Air Conditioning Harford County, MD is licensed, affiliated with a professional organization like NADCA and insured.

– Next, you need to learn more about Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is because old HVAC units can cause you to spend thousands of dollars in the long-term. Since old units have been known for consuming a lot of electricity, AC manufacture is today taking into account cutting-edge energy efficiency technologies while manufacturing air conditioners. Therefore, opt for an A/C contractor that will provide you with systems that are SEER most compliant.

– Discuss your budget as well as requirements with the air conditioning installation and repair contractor you are about to hire during the inspection of your home or office with an aim of determining the best air conditioning unit to install.

The Don’ts

– Do not hire an Air Conditioning Harford County, MD contractor who subcontracts the work given to him to a different company. Subcontracting of work by HVAC contractors is quite common during peak season. The problem of allowing a company which the work has been subcontracted to is that you do not know anything about the contractor in regards to experience, reputation and skills.

– Do not hire an HVAC contractor who demands payment up front. These types of contractors will either disappear halfway through the job or will not complete the project to your satisfaction.

Bearing the points mentioned herein while looking for a reputable air conditioning contractor in Harford County, MD will enable you to get a return on investment.