5 AC Maintenance Tips to Keep Your System Hitch-Free

by | Mar 28, 2018 | AC Repair


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Routine maintenance boosts the performance and service life of your air conditioning system. Wondering how long it will last? Here are top tips to follow so you won’t have to replace it much too soon.

Clean those filters

The standard recommendation is to replace your air filters every 90 days or so, Today’s Homeowner says. However, if the property is someplace dusty, you may need to change your air filters much more often. Always check the manufacturer’s manual to know how much time you can take between replacements.

Beware of strange sounds

Strange noises – clunking, grinding or screeching – often indicate there’s something wrong with your system. Find a company that provides AC repair in Kauai to check it out and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Examine the thermostat

Is your thermostat working properly? Other than a faulty thermostat, your AC unit may be in perfectly good condition. That means you won’t have to call a pro for assistance, not just yet at any rate. If the batteries are dead, replace them. If someone fiddled with the temp settings, which could explain the poor airflow into your rooms, just change them right back. Running through these steps will help you get your unit set back to rights.

Call for pros

Hire pros for AC repair in Kauai from Island Comfort. By engaging the services of trained, licensed and competent repair technicians, you can expect your unit to last longer.

Call today

Don’t wait until your AC unit starts dying on you. Calling for professional help only when your air conditioning system is ready to give up the ghost isn’t likely to end well. Call for repairs as soon as you see any indication that the unit is in trouble.

With routine maintenance and early repairs, you can look forward to better performance and longer service life.