Are We A Good Fit For Your Painting Project?

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Painting


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Hiring residential painting contractors is not as easy as calling a company or getting in touch through a website or social media. Different painting companies tend to work on specific types of painting jobs, which means you will get a better fit if you narrow down your search rather than using broad and general terms such as “house painters.”

For homes, finding the right contractor is also important as these people will have a very big impact on the success of your renovation or upgrade. Some painting services, such as Two Dogs Painting in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham, NC areas, specializing in home painting, both for the interior and exterior.

At the same time, this company doesn’t offer their services for apartment repaints or rental properties and new construction. It isn’t that these residential painting contractors can’t do these jobs, it is just that they recognize that their expertise and skill set is better suited to working on residential projects where quality and that extra attention to detail is required and appreciated.

What to Consider

Take the time to talk to the company you are thinking of hiring for your painting and project management for the upgrade. Look for a company that allows you to schedule a free in-home estimate to get a chance for the representative to see your home and for you to assess their knowledge and expertise.

At the same time, get online and browse the website. Look for information on past projects and check out any project pictures they may have posted. Getting in touch through social media can also be helpful, and you will find ratings for painters on many different independent websites.

The first in-person meeting can be very helpful in evaluating the painting service. Communication, transparency, and professionalism should all be conveyed at this meeting to leave you feeling comfortable in putting this company in charge of your interior or exterior home painting needs.

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