The Optimum Time of Year for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Carpet and Floor Cleaners


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Many people schedule professional Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe when they have a specific need to do so. They might be sprucing up the home for a family reunion or party, or they are spiffing up the place after several guests and their dogs stayed for a couple of weeks. Others like to have the service done annually and may wonder what experts consider the optimum time of year to have carpets cleaned. That answer varies depending on several factors.

Wood Burning

If the residents keep a fire going in a wood stove or fireplace during cold weather, carpet cleaning at least in that particular room should be done at the end of the heating season. That thorough service handles anything the vacuum cleaner couldn’t get, and also eliminates odors from smoke and ash.

Seasonal Pollen

If anyone in the home has allergies to seasonal pollen, Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe could be done when that season ends. Some individuals only experience hay fever in spring or in late summer, for example, while others deal with a runny nose from April through September. Scheduling professional in October may be recommended in that case.

Busy Summers

In a home with children and dogs, summertime often is the season when the kids, their friends, and the pets are regularly tracking in dirt. After the youngsters are back in school, families often schedule a visit from professionals to get rid of the summer dirt stains.

Upcoming Holidays

Customers of carpet cleaning services often schedule the annual service just before Thanksgiving so the home looks and smells fresh and looks spotless whenever company comes over during the holiday season. If a large number of guests spend time at home and the residents notice that spilled food or beverages have left some stains, another go-round after New Year’s Day could be a good idea.

More Frequent Service

More frequent service from a company such as Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning may be advisable depending on how many people and pets live in the house, and if household residents have certain habits. Smoking tobacco in the home can make the carpets dirty relatively quickly, for instance. Visit to set an appointment.

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