The Simplicity of Shaker Doors

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Home Improvement


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Speaking about the world of doors is like talking a different language. There are many different terms and materials the everyday consumer may not be aware of. If one is not a general contractor or does not sell or build houses, one may not know all the different details that, when put together, create a home. Doors, in particular, offer many different styles. Whether they are interior or exterior, garage or patio, there are many different names they go by. One particular style of doors is shaker doors. There may be some individuals that know what shaker doors are while others have absolutely no idea, but shaker doors do have their own set of criteria and characteristics.


Shaker style furniture and shaker doors are very distinct in nature, meaning that once one knows what characteristics they have, they will effortlessly be able to point them out time and time again. ‘Shakers’ have been creating furniture for a long time and are part of a religious sect. From meager beginnings and scarce resources, they learned to live off the land and only created what they needed, without going overboard. Shaker doors were created with simplistic style, as shakers believed in minimalistic designs that are very well constructed. Some people may find shaker doors very plain in nature, but they were intended to look that way.

Thought and Purpose

Every piece of shaker furniture and all shaker doors were designed thoughtfully and to serve a purpose. Since the Shakers come from a religious sect, ornate designs and intricate carvings were thought to be against their moral beliefs. Therefore, most of their designs are asymmetrical, made from pine lumber, cherry or maple wood.

The Doors

The shaker doors are panel and framed doors (without trim) that typically have center panels with square edges that give the overall look of being clean and, most of all, functional. Modern shaker doors are being created by specialty shops, which may offer beveled or rounded edging, giving them more of a timeless and less ‘plain’ look. The materials being utilized in modern shaker doors vary from store to store; some may find beautiful Brazilian mahogany shaker doors available for purchase. Shaker doors offer more of an aesthetic appeal than the typical slab style door, but some people do prefer simplicity. The best style for one to buy will depend on how simple one wants the door to be.

Depending if the shaker doors are going to be interior or exterior will also change the overall look and specifications. Exterior doors will definitely be made of solid wood and heavier in weight, and the center paneling options will vary slightly affording people the opportunity to add glass window paneling instead of wood if desired. To know more about shaker doors visit Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. You can also follow them on Twitter.