The Three Big Myths of Wood Interior Plantation Shutters Bradenton FL

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Home Improvement


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It is a belief that is almost too commonly stated it has hardly a need for repeating. Wood warps. Customers are so accustomed to that idea as the default, they will avoid buying wood shutters entirely. Wood shutters do warp subtly, but it is not as if the developers just leave it at that. There are precautions and methods taken to avoid this process. Below are three myths to wood shutters that should make customers reconsider their options.

Wood Shutters Warp Too Quickly

Wood will warp, and no one is denying this. But, developers will line the Interior Plantation Shutters Bradenton FL with aluminum to help hold the form. The pieces are also hand-selected to deter warping. Warping is often perpetuated by wood that is already subtly warped or somehow bent in even the slightest way. In short, this can encourage warping before the wood is even installed. Any wood that is not straight enough and perfect enough will be discarded entirely.

It is Too Hot for Wood in Florida

Florida receives a lot of humidity and a lot of heat. It may be the wrong place to get wood shutters. But, the wood is actually pre-heated. Basically, the wood has already adjusted to the temperatures by being staged in Florida. Is it too hot in Florida? Probably. But, it isn’t too hot to perpetuate the wood into further cracking and splintering.

Wood Shutters are Not Treated

To preserve the natural coloration and aesthetic of the wood, some believe the wood Interior plantation shutters in Bradenton, FL are not treated. Though this could theoretically be true, it is unlikely. To preserve the wood, it is treated in a handful of ways. If they were not treated at all, the wood would last a few years at the maximum. Discoloration could begin almost in the first few months. Just consider the placement of the shutters (right in the direct gaze of the sun). It would be illogical to not treat them, even if the natural coloration was superior.

Visit for more information on wood shutters. Of course, despite all the above, many customers want poly shutters. Learn more about this popular type by following the link.