Things to Consider Before Choosing A Garage Door

Choosing the right garage door may be more complicated than you would imagine. There isn’t just the look of the door you need to consider. You must also think about insulation, durability, and maintenance with garage doors. So, how exactly do you, a homeowner, know which overhead door is right for your home?

Rissler Garage Doors, a trusted company in New Holland, Pennsylvania, has come up with an online quiz to help homeowners determine which door style is the best fit for them. You can take the quiz on their website and purchase your perfect door directly from the quiz results. And, if you continue reading, this blog breaks down the quiz to also function as a tool for helping you find your perfect door.


If the design is the most crucial aspect of your new garage doors, try any of the design options below. These doors all have varying styles, ranging from traditional to modern. If you are looking for aesthetics alone, you may have to invest in a pricier door. The first two garage options are more expensive, some of the best-looking doors you can find, but not well insulated. However, all are incredibly durable, and the first and third are very easy to maintain throughout the years.

Insulation/Noise Reduction

The amount of insulation and noise reduction depends on what you intend to use your garage for, if your garage is attached or detached, and if there is a living space above your garage. If you require heavy insulation and noise reduction, try the first garage door option pictured below for an energy-efficient, quieter garage that is easy to maintain. If you do not require heavy insulation and noise reduction, go with the second option. This door is equally easy to maintain, with moderate insulation, durability, and aesthetics.


Your garage isn’t just used for storing vehicles. Garages can be offices, workshops, storage, social gathering spots, or even backboards for basketball hoops! What you want your garage to function as will determine what level of durability you will need. You may want a highly durable yet aesthetically pleasing door to park cars, such as the first option below. For a workshop or office, turn to a comfortable, insulated door that will stand the test of time, such as the second option. As a hangout spot, you want a little bit of everything to go along with the durability. You receive durability, aesthetics, insulation, and easy maintenance in the third option. For a garage door that you know will be beaten up throughout the years due to growing kids and active sports players, settle for a door with little aesthetic appeal that will serve and protect your garage well.


Some garage doors require a bit more upkeep than others. For example, if you enjoy working with your hands and participating in DIY projects, try a door that requires a bit more maintenance, such as the first one pictured below. On the other hand, if you do not have the time, energy, or know-how to participate in garage door upkeep, consider a door that will need little to no maintenance, such as the second picture.

All overhead doors have varying prices. So, evaluate your budget, and head to Rissler Garage Doors to take the quiz if you still need help. From there, you will be directed to purchase your perfect door- it is that easy! Your ideal garage door is just a click away. So browse the Rissler Garage inventory on their website today and fall in love with the right door for you.

Author: Adelfa Abril

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