Things to Know When Considering a New Garage

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance


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Maybe you are tired of getting soaked as you run from your car to your home, or maybe you have dreamed of storing things in your own garage rather than clogging up your attic. A new garage can function as not only a place to park your vehicle, but as an office, gym, a play area for the kids, and workshop. However, before deciding to find out about buying a new garage in Munster there are several factors to consider.

Zoning and Code

It is best to visit the planning department at your local town or municipal office to fit the garage you want to your property. The planning department can help determine how far away the garage must be from your property lines, whether or not special restrictions apply for garages, and if setbacks are needed for side doors. Once you have determined all the zoning and code requirements you can decide on the type of garage you want.

Attached or Freestanding

When deciding on a new garage, often times the big decision is whether the garage is to be attached to the home or a freestanding building. Often times an attached garage is less expensive and is more convenient due to staying dry when leaving the home to go to the garage and vice versa. However, a detached garage can have a covered walkway added to it to protect against the weather and a separate garage keeps any exhaust fumes from entering the house. If you use the garage for a workshop, it keeps the noise away from the home.

Size is a Personal Choice

Of course, once you have visited the local planning department and know how big your garage can be, you must decide what is best for the family: a one-, two- or three-car garage. This is entirely up to the personal choice of the family. However, you should take into consideration the final use of the garage; if the family is going to have one, two or even three vehicles, and if a large amount of storage space might be needed for the family.

Once you have those three factors taken care of it is time to find your garage builder and begin the new project.

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