Think Outside of the Typical Mailbox for All of Your Postal Needs

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Furniture


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When searching for a wooden mailbox for sale in Lancaster County, PA, you may find some pretty unique versions available. Whether you want your mailbox to reflect your personality, have some country charm or a nautical feel, you are sure to find one that is just right for your postal needs. Offered in environmentally friendly poly or wood, these creations are truly wonderful.

Poly Standard Mailboxes

The environmentally friendly poly used in the construction of mailboxes is designed to resist splintering, cracking, and fading. It is used to create charming mailboxes made to look like houses and barns. Mailboxes made from this material feature windows and doors that are painted on the material and come in a wide range of colors. It is easy to find ones that coordinate with the exterior colors of your own home.

Wood Mailboxes

A very traditional material, wood is often used to create sturdy mailboxes with lots of country charm. These may also look like small houses complete with diamond plate or cedar shake shingles on top. Choose a custom-designed box that reflects exactly who you are. Harley owners love the deluxe biker versions while any farmer will be thrilled with a John Deere box.

Lighthouse Mailboxes

Even nautical themes have worked their way into mailbox construction. Look for mailboxes shaped like small buildings with a tiny lighthouse sitting on top like a cupola. These can be found with actual glass globe lights at the top with tiny chain link rails surrounding it. Another version uses the lighthouse as the mailbox post. The box itself is then a small building shape attached to the front.

You will have fun shopping for your own unique mailbox. When it comes to finding a wooden mailbox for sale in Lancaster County, PA, you won’t be disappointed. Visit Beaver Dam Woodworks, LLC  to discover all that is available.