Three Common Reason to Need Roof Repair in Hendersonville

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Roofing


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It is an unfortunate fact that buildings routinely sustain damage to their roofs. Whether for a commercial or a residential building, roof repair is integral to ensure the integrity of the buildings. Often times, roofs that require repair can let rain water into a home, and it can cause very expensive and potentially dangerous water damage. For those needing roof repair in Hendersonville, hiring an experienced contractor is sometimes the best answer to solve a roofing problem. Here is a list of the most common roofing issues many property owners face.

A routinely seen roofing problem is when the flashing is installed so that nails are exposed to the elements. While some roofers may use this technique to create a smoother roof, when it rains, water can enter the holes for the nails. This causes a serious leak in a roof, and it may cause serious water damage. It is important to ensure that all areas of a roof are watertight to prevent a leak.

The second most seen roofing issue is when siding is installed extremely close the roof. This could cause a situation when it rains where leaves and other debris can clog the area between the siding and the roof. This allows water to travel back underneath the roofing, potentially causing a leak to develop. If the siding is installed ¾ of an inch below the roof, rain runoff will have a path off of the roof unimpeded. Additionally, if a new roof is installed, the siding will not have to be ripped away in order to remove the old roof.

The third most popular roof repair in Hendersonville is when the shingles become dislodged from the roof because of weather related events. If the nails used in the building of a roof were not placed in the correct position, or if not enough nails were uses, the shingles may become loose due to improper installation. All brands of roofing materials have the manufacturer’s preferred nail placement on the package, and all shingles must be nailed down using 4 nails. This will give the roof the stability to remain structurally intact during a storm.

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