Three Signs That You May Require Home Foundation Repair in Tallahassee

by | Oct 27, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance


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Knowing when a home’s foundation has been compromised can be a tough call to make, given that to the untrained eye, home foundation damage can be very difficult to identify. However, there are clear signs which all homeowners should be aware of, because home foundation repair in Tallahassee can end up meaning thousands of dollars saved by avoiding further damage to the foundation and to the home itself. Three indications of foundation damage that homeowners should look out for include sloping surfaces, doors that stick closed or open, and cracks in the walls.

Sloping Surfaces

The first sign that a home’s foundation may have shifted is the emergence of sloped surfaces that were once level. Floors and counters, which are meant to be level, should not have any slope to them. However, some instances of foundation damage can result in sloped surfaces when part of the foundation sinks. This sinking becomes particularly problematic once the resulting slope in surfaces becomes noticeably steep. If you do not have a level to measure the angle of the surface, the next best way to check for a slope is to put a spherical object such as a ball or marble onto the surface and see if it rolls off. If you do identify a slope, it may be time to consider contacting a company offering home foundation repair in Tallahassee.

Sticky Doors

Another indication of sinking foundation is doors that are hard to open and shut. This ‘stickiness’ can result from the top and bottom of the door no longer being parallel to the door frame and floor. A door that does not hang squarely in its frame can become jammed against the frame or floor. When the floor begins to slope as the result of foundation damage or movement, the door can scrape the floor or doorframe, thus making it difficult to open and close fully.

Cracks in the Walls

Thirdly and finally, cracks in exterior and interior walls alike can be a symptom of foundation movement or damage. When the foundation moves, it creates strain in the house, which often manifests itself in these cracks. In the case of brick walls, cracks of this sort often take a zig-zag, diagonal shape. Any cracks in ceilings, walls, sheetrock or brick, should serve to notify the homeowner of the need for foundation repairs. Some companies that provide home foundation repair in Tallahassee will also be able to repair these cracks that have resulted from foundation damage.

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