Tips for Choosing Lawn Care Services in Warren County, NJ

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Landscaping


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Homeowners have a duty to take care of their property and that includes their lawns. Some suburban communities have special rules involving taking care of your yards. For instance, you may have to bag your yard waste and lawn clippings for pickup once a week.

Since there are so many things some homeowners are unsure of, when it comes to these restrictions, Lawn Care in Warren County NJ can help. Other reasons you might want to hire a service to help take care of your lawn include lack of time and lack of knowledge of how to maintain a pretty lawn. The following tips will help you choose the right contractor.


Learn about the Warren County NJ Lawn Care service provider’s credentials. Find out if they are licensed to work in the state and if they have the right insurance coverage. It’s common for these businesses to carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Never be afraid to ask for proof of their credentials.


Quality Lawn Care requires an experienced, or at least a well-trained worker. Ask about the level of experience and about the training provided by a lawn and landscaping business. It’s also good to know if the business has been around for a long time because that means they have ties to the community and likely the experience needed to take care of your lawn.

Tools and Chemicals

You need to know what tools, equipment, and chemicals that may be used on your lawn. If you are environmentally friendly, you want to choose a lawn service that uses Eco-friendly solutions. Ask them about their methods, philosophy and practices before you hire a Lawn Care Service in Warren County, NJ.

Get a Free Estimate

Ask for a free estimate before you hire a lawn service. They should inspect your lawn and provide you with an honest and fair quote for your property needs. Ask for the estimate to include details about the costs of the services.

You can check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) online, contractor review sites, and/or contractor sites with testimonials to find out about their level of customer care. If they have no BBB complaints and they get mostly good reviews and testimonials, you can feel confident about your choices. If you have other questions or concerns about a Lawn Care service in Warren County NJ, don’t hesitate to address them with a representative.