Tips For New In Ground Pools in Long Island NY

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Swimming Pool & Spa


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Property owners who want In Ground Pools in Long Island NY should take their time before getting anything done. A person will want to make sure they have the design that they truly like and are prepared to take care of the pool. Some people who get pools forget all about the maintenance that is involved.

The Design

Design concepts are very important when it comes to In Ground Pools in Long Island NY. If a person really wants a great pool, they will look at a lot of designs before deciding on one. Shape and depth are just some of the things that can change with different design concepts. Another thing that can be changed is a pool’s lighting. Some pools are designed so that they have lighting inside of them.


People can have additions to their pools. In some cases, pool owners want diving boards. Diving boards can definitely be a fun addition, but pool owners have to remember that the pool must be deep enough so that a person diving off the board won’t be injured. Some pool owners have waterfalls attached to their pools. A hot tub can also be added at the same time a pool is being installed. Some people find it nice to switch between using a pool and a hot tub.


Pools require a good amount of maintenance. If the water isn’t maintained, it can start to change color. Poorly maintenance water can also contain harmful microorganisms. In some cases, the water might contain too much of a chemical that is being used to keep the water clean. Since maintenance can be a time-consuming task, some pool owners opt to have a pool contractor do it for them. Often times the same contractor who installed the pool can do the maintenance.

Pools can definitely be a fun addition to any property. Although pools that are installed in the ground cost more than their above-ground counterparts, property owners often feel the additional cost is worth it. Contact us to find out more about having a pool installed. It doesn’t take long to get price quotes on pools and installation costs.