Tips for Renting your Apartment

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Home Improvement


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If you have a rental unit and are having trouble finding tenants there are a few changes you can consider to improve the look of your apartment without spending too much money. Here are a few ideas to consider in order to attract tenants.

Professional Cleaning

Rug Cleaners in Minneapolis are reasonably priced and can really make your unit look more appealing. As well any odors that might be stuck in the carpet will be removed. Carpet in hallways should also be cleaned. Look for someone who can do steam cleaning and have the tiles in kitchens and bathrooms cleaned as well as any stains you might have in toilets sinks and tubs. This will show tenants the apartment is well cared for and make it more appealing.


If your appliances are looking a little worse for wear have them replaced or cleaned as well. This will make a huge impact on the look of your kitchen. People do not want to live in a home where they wouldn’t want to cook. Make everything look as clean as possible to encourage people to envision themselves living and cooking there with family and friends.


If you are renting a unit that is a nicer model consider having some furniture in place so people will see how nice it can look. You can rent furniture on consignment to make a better impression. Sometimes an empty unit seems a little cold and furniture can help make people see a home instead of an empty room. As well hang some curtains in a neutral color to make the windows less stark and exposed.

Assess your Price

It could be you are over priced compared to other units in the area. Over pricing can make people pass your unit over when they can find one just as nice or nicer for less. See if you can consider lowering the price to remain competitive while still covering your expenses and making some income.

Fix up Common Areas

Make sure the entry to the unit looks safe and welcoming. Replace missing or broken light fixtures, make sure locks are working on the building entry and ensure that mail rooms and laundry rooms are clean as well. Finally use a fragranced cleaner to make halls smell fresh and clean to make a good first impression.

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