Tips for Selecting Drapery Fabric for Your Home

When the time comes to update the look of your home and windows, consider the drapes. Drapery fabric is a topic you need to consider. In nearly all situations, you want to choose fabric capable of providing you with a look you love, the privacy you need, and the overall design necessary for the space. Here are a few tips for choosing the right product.

What Do You Want the Fabric to Do?

It sounds like a simple question but take a moment to consider it. You could choose thicker drapery fabric if you want more privacy or less light in the space. When you want more natural light to stream through the room, consider a lightweight fabric. This can limit some privacy, though. As you consider the types of fabric on the market, this can be a critical factor.

Ease of Movement

Though older styles of fabric for drapes used to be very heavy and hung in just one space, today it is acceptable to choose fabric with more life to it. That is to say; you can choose fabrics that are lighter weight and capable of moving with the breeze. Some are simply softer material, which can help to soften the entire feel of the space. Still, if you want a very formal or traditional space, choose a heavier fabric less likely to move and flow.

Selecting Options

Fabrics for drapes include anything from sheer fabrics to garment and quilting fabrics. You may want to choose decorator fabrics. Adding linings to fabrics can offer some nice benefits, too.

Drapery fabric should be something you love the feel of and the look of in your space. Consider color and pattern, too, but do not overlook the way a fabric feels, moves, and flows in your space.

Author: Adelfa Abril

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