Tips When Considering Kitchen Remodeling

by | May 7, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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 Important tip number one!

Take your time to do all the planning beforehand, kitchen remodeling in Wheaton is not cheap, so you want it done right the first time. Consider every possible option and set yourself a firm budget before you proceed.

Important tip number 2!

Long before the project starts prepare alternative eating plans and have a time line that both you and the contractor can abide by. If the alternative eating plans are expensive restaurants, the sooner you can get back in the kitchen the better.

No doubt your home has a distinctive style and character. When designing your new kitchen keep it in line with the existing character of the rest of the house. If the house is farmhouse style, then the kitchen should follow along the same lines, the same goes for modern or traditional. When done tastefully, the renovated kitchen will add considerably to the value of the home.

One of the primary considerations when undertaking kitchen remodeling in Wheaton is the space. Chances are the lifestyle today is very different than it was when the house was first built; today the key to everything is efficiency. With time being at a premium, the kitchen should accommodate this reality. There should be plenty of counter space, lots of cupboard space and a pantry. As many families find the kitchen to be the “social” spot, a center island is great if space permits. With an island, the food can be prepared while carrying on a conversation with other family members who are sitting on the other side of the island on bar stools.

In many homes, the dining room is next over from the kitchen. Ask yourself if this room is really necessary. Think about this; if the space taken up by the dining room was to be handed over to the kitchen, would you be killing two birds with one stone? It will still be possible to have ample room for dining, but perhaps more importantly, you will also have more than enough room to enlarge the work area.

When it comes time to choose the colors, select them with caution. Vivid colors are great, but they tend to go out of style very quickly, remember the blue and green bathtubs from years ago? Stick with time-tested neutral color schemes and rely on bright colors for accent pieces. Paint is easy to change but an expensive tiled backsplash is not.