What You Need to Know About House Leveling in Gainesville

by | May 11, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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Gainesville is a beautiful little place. It is one of the many beautiful cities in the State of Florida and is the largest city in Alachua County. With a population of just over 120,000, it is a quaint little place with lots of opportunities. There are many contractors that offer foundation repair work, as well as services pertaining to house leveling in Gainesville.

Leveling a house essentially means to bring it back to its standard position. If the foundation of your house is not properly built, it is very likely that a sinkhole may appear underneath. This will cause your house to tilt towards one side ever so slightly. At first, most people don’t even feel a change. However, in a few years the change becomes more apparent. Things begin to gently slide towards one side, and there is a chance that bricks may also begin to get dislocated from their original position. That is why you need to hire house leveling experts for the job.

What Will a House Leveling Expert Do?

You don’t want your home to sink into the ground. When you hire house leveling experts for the job, the first step they will take is to prevent the home from sinking any further. The experts will carefully calculate the angles and assess the damage that has been done so far. Once the damage has been assessed, the leveling experts will get to work in preventing further damage.

There are several methods that they use to prevent the house from sinking further into the ground. For starters, they are likely to pile up concrete at the foundation of your house in order to strengthen it. Depending on the angle at which your house is sinking, the experts are also likely to use helical piers or screw piers. Some foundation contractors will also use push piers for house leveling.

Push piers are powered by hydraulics, and can be used to essentially shift the house back to its original location. Needless to say, all of this requires a lot of work, so you will probably have to vacate the house for at least a week or so. A good house leveling expert will be thorough in their work so that no further sinking arises.

How Can You Hire One?

If you live in Gainesville, you can check o. Ram Jacks is one of the best foundation contractors in the city and offer a plethora of different services. All the men at the company are highly experienced in their work and are considered to be very reliable. It is imperative that you hire a professional, renowned company for the job to prevent further damage to your house.