Using Lawn Pest Control Services in Wellington, Florida To Eliminate A Flea Problem

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Pest Control


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When a family has pets, the possibility of contracting a flea problem in the home is very real. During warmer times of the year, fleas are abundant outdoors. Even pets that do not spend time outside could harbor fleas if someone living in the home happened to bring one inside. If rodents are present in the home, fleas could transfer from these pests to pets. Here are some ways to reduce the possibility of a flea infestation in a home.

Tend To Your Pets First

Your pet will show signs of the presence of fleas if they are suffering from their bites. Excessive scratching and licking at the fur is a telltale sign. Take a look at your pet’s skin to see if you notice any small, dark marks or crawling insects. Flea eggs are usually clumped together in one location in the fur. A trip to a veterinarian to get prescription medication for fleas is the best way to prevent and treat a flea problem. This medicine is applied between a pet’s shoulder blades and will work for about a month at repelling fleas completely.

Treat Your Home’s Interior

Flea eggs drop into carpeting and pets’ bedding, making it easy for hatching to occur if these eggs remain warm. Take the time to launder a pet’s bedding often to remove any eggs and larvae that settles within the fibers. Use carpeting cleaning agents made for pest problems to kill eggs and live fleas hiding in carpeting. Make sure to throw away the contents collected in a vacuum cleaner afterward.

Take Care Of Your Property

If fleas are abundant in the area near your home, calling one of the Lawn Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida can help to kill them completely. A pest control service will have the proper lawn care treatment products available to minimize the flea population around your home. In addition to calling a professional, take the time to cut your lawn often and check your pet for fleas before returning inside of your home. Keep a flea comb on hand to remove any pests noticed before they have the chance to breed.

When there is a need to call one of the Lawn Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida to handle a flea problem, finding one with competitive pricing is desired. Contact Above & Beyond Pest Control to find out more today.