What Constitutes Air Conditioning Service?

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Air Conditioning


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Air conditioning service is a broad term; it applies to what functions air conditioning service technicians undertake when it comes to maintaining air conditioning systems and equipment that is in service in private homes and in commercial buildings. The underlying purpose of air conditioning service in Huntsville, AL is to prevent major damage or breakdowns of the equipment by undertaking regular scheduled checks of the system, repairing or replacing components before they fail as well as installing new systems when the existing system has reached the end of its useful life and can no longer perform as required.

In many cases companies that sell and install new air conditioning systems also invite the buyers of the equipment to take advantage of a service contract. A service contract will provide the owner with an ongoing schedule for air conditioning maintenance and service in Huntsville, AL, usually scheduled every six months. Different contracts are written in different ways, some include making minor repairs at no additional cost while others may include replacing components for no charge that are covered under the units warranty. The whole idea is to ensure that the owner can switch on the air conditioner at any time and it will run efficiently and not cause any concern.

High quality air conditioning service contracts provide for predictable inspection of all the major components that go into an air conditioning system. This includes the compressor, the motor; all control devices, fans and coils as well as the duct work that carries cool air throughout the house. By subjecting these critical components to exhaustive tests it is often possible to identify a potential problem before it happens which often means that damage to other components is stopped before they also become problematic. Having an air conditioning service contract helps to prevent larger expenses and inconvenience later on.

Many air conditioning equipment manufacturer’s offer a limited time warranty with their equipment. This warranty often runs for one year from the date of installation. Once the warranty period is over the owner is normally offer the option of extending the warranty by entering into a service contract with the company that originally installed the equipment. The cost associated with this is quite reasonable and in most cases certainly offsets any cost for replacing a defective component or the cost of having the service company make an emergency, after hours service call.

As service contracts vary considerably make sure you take the time to study that which is offered, price is but part of what makes a good service contract.