What Do The Lisle IL Roofers Do?

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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Obviously they have something to do with roofs; but, what exactly? I can find no definition in either Webster’s or The Concise Oxford dictionaries although both have a lot to say about roofs and their main function of keeping the weather from entering through the top of a building. Wikipedia is more forthcoming in so much as they do have a piece dedicated to the subject (which implies that the subject is not confined to any particular part of Illinois). They say that these are people who work as “roof mechanics”. Not so much on the supporting structure of rafters, beams and trusses but more on the overlay materials that provide the water and weather proofing to the finished roof. The work comes in 4 distinct categories linked to the main type of roof cladding materials and methods:-

1. shinglers – as their name implies this type install shingles but shakes, tiles, and other nail-on products are included

2. metal – as in the installation of metal panel roofs

3. flat

4. hot – as in the application of tars or bitumen

New Construction Plus

Closing the lid (as it were) on new buildings is obviously a major part of the work performed by the Lisle IL Roofers but any roofing contractor worth his salt will realize that there is only a limited number of completely new building projects being undertaken at any time. Therefore, as well as constructing new commercial and residential roofs, he will also seek business in the repair and maintenance of all those already existing roofs.

The Key To A Well Maintained Roof

Regular inspection lies at the heart of maintaining any roof in good condition. By their very nature, roofs are on top of the building which usually means that they are quite high up (even on a single story building); many building owners fight shy of climbing up on top of the building to have a look at the condition of its roof. Roofing parts suffer wear and tear and, with some of the severe weather that can occur throughout Chicagoland, climatic damage is quite common – especially during winter. In addition, gutters and drain pipes can become blocked with windblown falling leaves and other debris. Until somebody goes up and takes a look, who knows what has happened up there? Conducting such inspections and recommending suitable repairs or replacement is an important part of the work carried out by Lisle IL Roofers.

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