Steps For Fire Restoration Services In NYC

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Remodeling


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After a fire, it is vital for the property owner to contact their homeowner’s insurance carrier quickly. This could ensure a reduced waiting time for the funding needed to repair the property. Through restoration services, it is possible for a service provider to restore the property to its previous condition or better. However, this depends on the severity of the damage and if it was a total loss.

The Steps for Fire Restoration

The first step in restoring a property after a fire is to conduct carbon monoxide testing. This determines whether there is an existing gas leak or accumulation during the fire. The results of the test determine whether measures should be taken to prevent physical harm of restoration technicians first. If it is determined that the HVAC system has caused this leak, the homeowner must make arrangements to have it repaired.

Cleaning Up the Property

The Restoration Services in NYC begins by removing all damaged debris from the property. This could require them to start from the outside of the property depending on the stability of the structure. During a fire, the support system within the framing of the property could become compromised.

Waste Management After Cleanup

Typically, a restoration service utilizes a waste management company to help them remove damaged materials from the property. This is included in their services. The property owner will not incur additional charges for the service.

Rebuilding Your Property

The Restoration Services in NYC rebuilds the property based on the existing floor plan. When available, they can utilize the original blueprints for the property to accomplish this task. If the homeowner’s insurance allows for modifications, the property owner can customize the renovation. If the insurance doesn’t cover modifications and the property owner orders them, they will be required to pay out of pocket for these expenses.

Restoration services give homeowners peace of mind. They allow them to reclaim the property they had prior to this traumatic event. For most homeowners, the services prevent a total loss and allow them to come home again without significant delays. If your home was damaged due to a fire, contact your preferred service provider for Restoration in NYC today.

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