What Does A Heating Contractor Do?

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Air Conditioning


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A heating contractor is responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing heating equipment as well as ventilators, air conditioners and all related components which include ducting, controllers, etc. Some of the specialist heating contractors are licensed to carry out energy audits. In the event of a furnace or air conditioner failure it will be a heating contractor in Park Ridge that is called in to make the repair.

Heating as well as air conditioning contractors are usually certified by NATE, the North American Technician Excellence certification; NATE is without a doubt the most respected award in the industry. Prior to performing work on a heating or air conditioning system the candidate must pass a rigorous test. This exam is designed to test the practical knowledge of the candidate as it applies to the function and repair techniques of any heating or air conditioning equipment, including a full understanding of all the component parts that make a system. Every state tends to have its own set of mechanical codes, the candidate is also grilled on his knowledge of the code as it applies in his state, this knowledge is extremely important as it is of utmost importance that the home of the client and its contents are protected while their heating system is being worked on. Once the applicant has successfully passed the exam he is granted a license and is henceforth a licensed heating contractor in Park Ridge.

Most heating contractors must carry insurance to operate; the minimum insurances are liability in the event of an accident which damages property and workers comp which covers the employees in the event they are injured while working. Liability insurance is protection for the contractor should damage happen in the home of a client while working in the home. Every heating contractor must have a license to operate, the license number should be proximately displayed on the company’s service vehicles, any advertisements they run as well as company documents such as letter heads, invoices, etc.

For a heating contractor in Park Ridge to be successful it is important for him to understand the importance of customer service, this is a highly competitive business and professionalism is a must. The contractor must be able to explain is simple, layman’s terms what is wrong and what it is going to take to fix the problem. To continue giving excellent service the heating contractor must keep abreast of all new and emerging technologies and how they impact his clients heating system.