What Valdosta Homeowners Should Know About Leveling Their House

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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For any homeowner, the thought of having to level their home can feel daunting. Repairs involving the foundation are notorious for being costly, which can add to the feeling of dread at having to get a quote for house leveling in Valdosta. However, the owner should be aware that it is not so scary a repair and there are many factors to consider.

Extent of the Damage

The type and extent of the damage that is leading to your home being uneven is one of the major aspects that affect cost. You should at the least have your foundation inspected if you notice major signs that your house needs leveling. These include:

• Cracks in the drywall, which can misleadingly small or very evident of a problem.
• In brick homes, you may notice gaps and cracks in the mortar, especially along exterior walls.
• Doors and windows may stick, refuse to open, or not close all the way.
• Areas of your floor may creak more than normal, feel soft, or sunken in.
• The house may be noticeably uneven when looking at the exterior.

Crawlspace versus Slab

The type of foundation that your home has been the first major factor in determining how much the repairs may cost, as both required different tactics. With crawlspaces:

• Your foundation is called pier and beam style, which is important to not when asking about pricing.
• Of the two types of foundations, it is the easier and cheaper to repair.
• Repair methods involve retrofitting new steel I-beams to replace damaged beams, bolstering decayed wood with new, sturdier lumber along girders and joints, placing brand new piers with bases molded from concrete and steel, or trussed with heavy blocks, and sometimes, using specialized jacks to simply lift and level the support structures that are intact.

With slab foundations, the repairs are a bit more complicated and may involve:

• Having one of the following types of piers installed to bolster the foundation; helical, drilled bell, concrete, steel push, or pressed.
• Pumping in concrete mixtures or polyurethane resins into the soil at certain locations to build up compactness and support for the foundation.

What to Do

At the first sign of your home not being leveled you should contact a professional to avoid damage becoming worse. At Ram Jack Solid Foundations we offer a full range of solutions for your leveling needs. Browse our website for all the details regarding what we can do for you.

For a quick and easy quote on house leveling in Valdosta, GA, contact Ram Jack Solid Foundations today. You can call or go online to contact them regarding foundation questions and to request and estimate.