Yard Maintenance Steps That Include Pruning Trees, Eliminating Weeds And Cutting Grass

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Landscaping


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If trees border a residential piece of property and have long, dangling branches, pruning the trees will provide the border with a uniform appearance and will assist with maintaining the health of each tree. The following Yard Maintenance steps describe how to prune trees and care for the property that surrounds them.


  • tarps
  • ladder
  • hard hat
  • padded gloves
  • adjustable harness
  • pruning shears
  • bypass pruners
  • wood chipper
  • herbicide
  • weed puller
  • lawn mower
  • weed whacker
  • wood chips or mulch
  • large shovel

Prune Branches

Tarps should be placed underneath each tree that is being pruned. Branches will fall onto tarps, reducing the amount of time that it will take to clean property. After opening a ladder and leaning it next to a tree, a hard hat, padded gloves and adjustable harness should be put on to reduce the risk of serious injuries.

Pruning shears can be used to trim branches that are a moderate thickness. Each branch needs to be cut at an angle. A pair of bypass pruners can be used to trim thin branches. Bypass pruners have handles that are similar to scissors and the tool’s blades will easily cut through wood.

Treat Weeds, Cut Grass And Add Wood Chips Or Mulch

If tree branches are going to be used to create wood chips, they can be placed inside of a wood chipper. Otherwise, branches can be thrown away with other household trash. If there are weeds growing near trees, herbicide should be sprayed directly at each weed. A herbicide that does not contain ingredients that will kill grass will preserve a lawn’s appearance.

After eliminating weeds with a weed puller, a lawn mower or weed whacker can be used to trim grass. A large shovel can be used to add a layer of wood chips or mulch around the trunk of each tree. Raking either material may be necessary if too much was added in some areas.

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