4 Ways to Get Those Replacement Windows Up in No Time

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Home Improvement


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Property sells faster when it’s in tip-top shape. Installing better windows is one way to update your home and entice those potential buyers to make an offer you can’t refuse. Here’s how to improve your home so you won’t have to wait long for that offer:

Check the state of your windows

Old, broken or damaged windows do a lot to compromise the aesthetic value of your home. Broken windows could also contribute to water damage and humidity problems inside the home. If you want buyers to put in an offer right away, then fix your windows.

Decide between new and replacement windows

Buying replacement windows in Marin County is different from buying new ones. Shopping for new ones mean you want to change the size or shape of the current windows you have, Today’s Homeowner explains. Replacement options, on the other hand, fit into the surrounding trim or frame. If you’re simply going to fit the window into the existing frame, that’s going to save you on labor costs. If that sounds like a good plan, then focus on replacement options from Northwest Exteriors.

Explore other styles

You can also choose windows in different styles so long as they fit into the frame. With plenty of different types out there, finding the right design to upgrade the style and look of your home should be fairly easy. Go for single or double hung windows, casement window, awning windows, slider windows and more.

Look for a contractor

If you don’t know how to install those windows right, leave it to the experts. Hire pros to take care of the installation so you won’t have to. Keep in mind that faulty installation could damage your shiny, brand new windows. By going to the trouble of finding the right contractors in Marin County to install your replacement windows, they’re sure to be up in no time.