A Few Benefits Of Using A Medical Office Janitorial Service

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Carpet and Floor Cleaners


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It goes without saying that a medical services facility must be kept clean and sanitized. Cleanliness in a doctor’s office or dental clinic is of paramount importance, less than perfect cleaning might send patients out sicker than when they first came in. A doctor’s office has to deal with sick people who have the potential of spreading a disease as well as patients who are “on the mend” and may be more susceptible to germs than they would normally. Keeping a busy health care facility clean, orderly, hygienic as well as running smoothly can be a real challenge; a San Jose janitorial company is of no help with your patients but they can certainly take the cleanliness issue off of your list of concerns.

By outsourcing your medical office cleaning to a service company your facility will benefit considerably. Professionals who do medical office cleaning as a living are fully appreciative of how and where to use disinfectants and they are skilled at preventing any type of cross contamination. The service personnel focus their attention on those areas of the facility that are notoriously germ ridden, the touch points where diseases are easily spread.

Don’t think for one minute that word will not spread if your medical facility is something other than perfectly clean. Rightfully so, patients and other visitors to a doctor’s office expect clean surroundings. People are very aware of and concerned with the spread of disease, more so now than in the past when 24 hour news was not available. When a patient sees that the office and other areas of the clinic are not clean this has a direct impact on the care they perceive they are getting. When a patient sees dust and dirt, fresh spills on the restroom floor, full waste cans they quickly get the impression that the doctor may not be 100 percent committed to his patients health or safety.

On the other hand, when you turn your facility over to a San Jose janitorial company it will be kept clean, your patients will immediately get the message that you do care about their health. When the waiting room, the examination rooms and restrooms are spotless it has a tendency to inspire confidence and trust in the doctor and staff. Just remember, patients are spoiled for choice and if your facilities are not up to their expectations your patient will quickly find an alternative medical provider.

If your customers are patients then you need to inspire confidence in them and the best way to start is to have perfectly clean and sanitary facilities. Maintenance Systems Management, Inc is a San Jose janitorial service provider that has a great deal of experience in medical office cleaning.