Who Qualifies For Chicago Boiler Repair?

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Air Conditioning


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Obviously, anyone, anywhere in Chicagoland could qualify for Chicago Boiler Repair so why ask the question in the first place? It is asked because there are many different pieces of equipment that can be described as boilers and they come in two similar but different categories:-

* Commercial and/or industrial boilers.
* Domestic boilers.

Owners of the latter may only be vaguely aware that they have a boiler down in their basement and may be totally unaware that they will need regular Chicago Boiler Repair. It is for people like that that this article is being written.

What Does A Domestic Boiler Actually Do?

The main meaning of the word is a literal one – it is something that boils water. Note: – this does not include the kettle that we boil to make a cup of tea or coffee, nor does it include putting a pan of water onto the hob.

A true boiler is a fuel-burning apparatus that can heat water to temperatures higher than the boiling point of water (100° C or 212° F). It is a matter of degree between a water heater and a boiler if hot water is required but at temperatures below the boiling point. The domestic boiler is used to provide a supply of hot water for washing purposes or to heat up a central heating system.

Boiler Repair

Sometimes, a domestic hot water supply can be powered by electricity (instant hot shower units for example) but, for larger volume and more continuous supply, a domestic boiler will be linked to a furnace for its heat source.  When considering Chicago Boiler Repair, one should take in the overall picture from fuel supply, through the furnace, into the boiler and beyond, to where the hot water is going to be used.

The place where the water is heated should be considered as being a pressure vessel and, for industrial boilers, there are strict safety codes in place because pressure vessels can become lethally dangerous. A prime reason for regular inspections and Chicago Boiler Repair is to maintain the safety of your home.

In an instant water heater, the water only receives heat when water is flowing both in and out of the device. However, a boiler may be heating when water is neither flowing in nor out. As water is heated, it expands but, since the boiler has a fixed volume, this expansion builds up pressure within the boiler – a badly maintained boiler may not be strong enough to restrain this pressure and an explosion could result. Malfunctioning furnace controls or circulation pumps can exacerbate the risks. This is why you should have regular preventative maintenance rather than wait for a total breakdown which could lead to more than just the inconvenience of a loss of hot water.

Any Chicago household that has any type of water boiler should be in regular contact with a service company that specializes in Chicago Boiler Repair. Possibly the best contractor for Chicagoland is Heatmasters Heating & Cooling.