A Garage Door Opener Is A “Must Have” Option

Typically, garage door openers do not cost a great deal of money, especially when you consider how beneficial they are. No longer do you have to venture outside your car when you approach your garage; regardless of the weather, you stay inside your car until you are safely in your garage.

Garage door openers in Westchester, NY became very popular back in the early 1970s, they have changed considerably, and today their market potential is huge. Although there are some basic openers that can be installed by a serious DIY fan, it is always best to leave the installation to professionals.

Different types of garage door openers:

There are four different types of garage door openers in Westchester, NY; chain drive, belt drive, screw driver as well as the jackshaft. Each drive type is different; the specifics of your installation will point you toward the proper design. When you are considering the opener you might want to consider a few points:

   *   If you have a young family should you consider additional safety features?
   *   Is quiet operation important to you?
   *   Do you live in a part of the country with wildly fluctuating temperatures?
   *   Is remote access important?
   *   What is the ceiling structure of your garage?

Chain drive opener: A chain drive type is by far the most popular type of opener. This style is the least expensive and very durable. The only drawback is the fact that they are quite noisy during operation.

Belt drive opener: This type of opener is quieter than a chain drive type and vibrates less. They are a little more costly but are ideal when there is living space above the garage.

Screw type opener: This type of opener is favored in areas of the country where extreme temperature variations occur. This operator will not freeze up in the winter and are virtually maintenance free.

Jackshaft type opener: Jackshaft openers are ideal if the garage cling is high and not suitable for an overhead opener. This type is mounted on a side wall and is extremely quiet as well.

It is always a good idea to discuss the pros and cons of the various types of garage door openers in Westchester, NY with an experienced garage door contractor.

Garage door openers in Westchester, NY are available in different sizes and types. You are invited to discuss the best opener for your situation with the experts at Action Lock & Door Company Inc.

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