Accessibility-Friendly Remodeling for Kitchens and Baths

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Interior Designers


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There is a wide variety of circumstances that could lead to a need for accessible kitchens or bathrooms in your Broward County home. Perhaps an in-law is coming to live with you that uses a walker. Maybe you or your spouse has started to use a wheelchair due to a longer-term injury or illness. If you require a kitchen or bathroom remodel with accessibility in mind, here are a few key improvements you should consider.

Minor Upgrades

Many smaller changes can be made to your home that doesn’t cost much in either dollars or time.

  • Adjust light switch styles, and possibly their placement on the wall, if having them lower is better.
  • Consider faucets with an extended handle for access from a chair—or even one that relies on motion rather than a handle at all.
  • Install grab bars near the toilet or tub area to make movement easier and safer.
  • Add a seat to the shower. This can be as simple as a standalone stool, or possibly a seat that folds down from the wall.
  • Add a hand-held shower wand so that showering from a seated position is possible.

More Major Upgrades

If your accessibility-based situation is more long-term, you may consider some larger-scale upgrades.

  • Doorways and walkways should be wide enough to accommodate mobility devices safely.
  • Appliances and counters should be at a height comfortable for either sitting or standing.
  • Switches are often placed behind the counter; consider moving them to eliminate reaching.
  • Consider more accommodating bathroom elements, such as a roll-in shower or a walk-in bathtub.
  • Check the floors for consistent flooring without rough transitions.

Whatever your situation, the pros at Siegel Design Group are ready to get your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project underway.