Which Deck Material is Best for Your Home?

Would you like to increase the value of your house? Maybe you want to add some convenience features, or you plan to entertain guests outdoors. You can receive years of enjoyment from a new deck and your local roofing and deck contractor serving Sun Prairie and nearby Madison, Wisconsin can make all you deck dreams come true. But which is the best material to use? Here is information to help you decide.

Treated Lumber

Treated wood is a standard choice for decks, and you can get years of service from treated lumber decks. However, these decks still need sealing if you want them to last for a long time. The rain, sun, and elements can take their toll on most kinds of treated wood products. A trusted roofing company like HeinsContracting.com can help you choose the best materials in Verona (close to Madison).

Cedar or Redwood

Standard wood decks may last for ten to fifteen years. When you choose redwood or cedar decks from your local deck and roofing company in Waukesha WI, you have materials which are durable, and insects do not attack them. These woods can last for decades before they are affected by problems like rot. To find a trusted contractor, check online for “deck services near me.”


Composite material is made from resins, plastics, and wood fibers. You get the look and feel of natural wood without problems like rot and insect damage. These materials do not need sealing, and top quality composite does not fade in the sun over time.


Polyvinyl chloride is extremely durable and moisture-proof. PVC is highly resistant to stains and is completely recyclable, and you can choose from many colors. When you go to the Web and look for deck contractors around me, ask about the many materials options they provide.

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