Color Choices: How to Make Different Colors Work

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Home Improvement


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Color is one of the biggest hurdles home painters face when doing Interior Painting in Clarksville TN. They often have to select the colors that the home owner not only likes but will work with other elements of the house. Paint is just but one of the ways through which color is added into a room or house. Furniture, the design of the flooring or artwork pieces can also add color to a house. The first thing that the eyes register when one enters a room is the color. It creates a mood that can either be happy or sad, positive or negative.

Obviously, the home owner’s personal preferences come into play when choosing color. The colors in the home should reflect their sense of style, lifestyle and identity. The painter must consult with the home owner to identify their likes and dislikes. Another factor that influences colors and their perceptions are the sources of light. Sometimes, one will find that the colors they bring from the store end up looking different from what they had anticipated. This is because the light shining on them has an impact. Different light sources, from LED to fluorescent, affect the way light appears. The lighting situation can also be affected by the orientation of the room and the amount of natural light that can be let in as a result of that orientation.

The overall look of the color will also depend on the fixed elements of the room. Even the furniture affects the general color of the house. Fixed elements include cabinets, the fireplace and floors. Other accessories and furniture in spaces also influences the nature of the house. The nature of the surface, especially its texture, will change the appearance of the color. Smooth walls generally look brighter while rough ones appear darker. The mood of the room will be influenced by the paint color and how it interacts with these elements. The home owner must decide what they want to do with each room. Do they want to relax or do they want their room to have a playful feeling. Each mood can be achieved with different color combinations.

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