Getting State of the Art Access Control Systems

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Home Security


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Decades ago, fences, steel doors, door locks and a guard were all you needed to feel secure whether at home or at the workplace. However, times have changed and so has the security needs for many people. The changes have been brought about by the fact that security has deteriorated and burglars have become more determined in getting what they want from buildings. To meet the growing need for better access control systems, new technologies are coming up each day. Below are some of the Access Control Systems that are very useful both at home and the workplace.

CCTV Cameras

Security cameras have become commonplace in businesses, public amenities such as ATM machines, restaurants and even homes. They are popular for the following reasons:

  • They discourage crime. Very few people will want to be caught on tape when doing something wrong. In most states, video footage that is got from CCTV cameras acts as admissible evidence in courts of law.
  • The Cameras help improve the levels of accountability at the workplace. For instance, when you have cameras installed in the offices and other public places, the employees will have to behave according to the set standards because they know they will be caught on tape when doing anything that deviates from these standards.
  • The evidence that comes from CCTV video footage will be very helpful in case of an incident and the insurer does not want to release the compensation you deserve.

Biometric access control

As mentioned, technology has gotten better and security guards aren’t enough to control access of unwanted people to various parts of buildings. Biometric access control systems include use of microchip cards to access certain rooms, use of thumbprints, facial recognition and other related devices. The best thing about these systems is their level of accuracy. It would take a very experienced hacker to trick these systems. The systems therefore assure you of complete safety at the workplace or home.

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