Getting the Most Out of Your King Mattress Purchase

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Home Improvement


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Having a king mattress can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a great night’s sleep. Owning a king sized bed can translate to having an expanded sleep area that is more than ample for one person and utterly ideal for spouses. While this can be a most attractive feature, it is important to consider a few things prior to purchasing a mattress of this size.

Space and Price
In order to accommodate a king size bed, it is important to a lot a certain amount of space for it. The mattress alone is quite large and can easily take up much of the space in a small bedroom. Factor in the bedframe and box spring, and the space in your bedroom just might be completely taken. Yet another major thing to consider is the price. Ask yourself what you can realistically afford prior to setting your sights on the king mattress. Sure, the king size is appealing but when you factor in the sheet sets that will eventually accommodate the bed, the price can quickly rise. Consider the affordable brands as well as shopping during holiday weekends in order to cash in or discounts and sales. Furthermore, keep in mind that there are two types of king mattresses, the standard and the California King mattress which is slightly longer. Be sure that the bed comes with a solid warranty and carefully review the terms of the warranty.

A Note on Firmness
Nothing beats a good, firm mattress when it comes to a king size. Consider comparing different brands in addition to researching the latest technologies and innovations in mattresses. Furthermore, do not be so quick to equate firmness with support. More often than not consumers find that memory foam provides better support than a standard foam bed. Additionally, consider the features and dimensions of the kind sized bed. During your comparative shopping experience think about testing out the bed. You can do this easily when you meet with salespeople at just about any store.

Online Shopping vs. General Shopping
While many people would beg to differ, the truth is when shopping for a king sized bed, it may be best to actually go into a bedding store before shopping or after shopping online. Sure, online shopping is convenient, however the downside to shopping online exclusively is that you cannot test the mattress, nor can you see its actual dimensions. Furthermore, you cannot get firsthand feedback from the sales associate. Many times salespeople currently own or have owned one or more the brands that they are trying to sell.

Understanding Shipping Policies
Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure that you understand the terms and policies governing shipping. Sometimes shipping and/or delivery charges are waived and at other times the charges are nonrefundable. Be sure to ask about these charges and any other undisclosed fees prior to making your mattress purchase. Also, consider getting a copy of everything that you sign off on. This is important to maintain for your personal records.

Finding the best king-size mattress can be a time consuming, and challenging effort. You may want to be sure that you have done the proper research prior to making your purchase. Consider taking a look at to find a great selection of mattresses.