The Benefits of Using Experienced Professionals for Tennis Court Repair in NH

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance


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Whether you own a private tennis court, are in charge of caring for a municipal facility, or need to maintain a private court, you need the help of paving experts. These professionals have experience working with many types of sports surfaces. When you hire paving experts for Tennis Court Repair in NH, you get professionals who offer:

QUALITY CRACK REPAIR: Professionals will inspect your tennis court, and decide on a material that will provide a durable, attractive repair. They are trained to evaluate the expansion and contraction of the materials, and will consider playability needs. They can help you avoid the dead spots and future court failures. Technicians may use the Armour crack repair system, which uses a special, knitted fabric. They could also choose micro-technology, such as the RITEWAY system, which is especially effective at preventing dead spots, bubbles, and hollow sounds.

COLOR COATINGS: Your tennis court may be color coated with an all weather coating, such as DecoTurf. Specialists could also opt for Laykolds coatings, which offer an array of brilliant pigments and high-quality polymers. These coatings are very popular and are used on many types of sports surfaces.

CUSHION COATINGS: When you want a tennis court that is easy on the knees, technicians can offer a cushion coating. These specialized surfaces can reduce shin splints, and provide more comfort for older players. They are shock absorbing and reduce the chance of injury when players fall.

MAINTENANCE: In addition to attractive, functional Sealcoating, paving specialists can restore faded lines, repair low areas, and repair nets. They can remove algae, and inspect courts to determine how to create more comfortable surfaces.

QUICK START TENNIS AREAS: The United States Tennis Association states that children’s tennis tournaments should be played on modified courts. The smaller playing areas are often incorporated into adult courts, and their use is commonly known as Quick Start Tennis. Professionals can easily add a Quick Start Tennis area to an normal-sized court without interfering with adult tennis.