Let the Sunshine In with Interior French Doors

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Home Improvement


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When you want the feeling of having plenty of space, but having the addition of doors that are solid and secure, you should look into interior French doors. These doors are full length with glass panes that have all the functionality of any other kind of door. The glass panes give the illusion that the room is much more spacious and roomy. In addition to glass, these doors are constructed from wood or aluminum materials.

Traditional Doors vs. French Doors

Doors on the interior of the home are restrictive in that they do not allow light in. With interior French doors, light can be directed and spread through certain areas of the home’s interior. Generally these doors come in two’s. The open to the inside or outside and can be used with just one door or with both. They are available in versions that slide for closet door spaces, or the kind of doors that fold, or they can be used as a divider to separate one room from another. Woods like oak or pine are used in their construction, but they can also be made from other composite materials such as UPVC.

For many interior French doors, glass panes with patterns and tints are always a good option. Many times large glass panels that are transparent can give the illusion that there is not a door present. This can be a problem when people bump into the door and hit their head or face. Some cases the glass could shatter causing cuts that could result in an emergency room visit. Tints and patterns will make the door noticeable which will prevent any unnecessary accidents from occurring.

For rooms that do not require a great deal of privacy, French doors are a perfect addition. They are good for dining rooms, kitchens, studies, and patios and such. They are not often a good choice for a bedroom entrance door. But if the bedroom has a patio or balcony accesses french doors that have mini blinds in between the window panes are excellent options.

May people are attracted to French doors because of the large amount of natural light they are capable of providing. If you do not want to use mini blinds in between the glass panes to aid in privacy, you can opt for curtains made from fabrics that have subtle prints or colors on them. Pull down or roller type shades are another option, as well.

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