Paved Surfaces Need Care Too

by | May 7, 2013 | Landscaping


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Having a large paved surface can be a blessing for a business. But like most nice things, it needs to be cared for. Pavement Maintenance Nashua, NH is the best way to look after your paved surface and keep it in tip top shape.

When you consider how much goes into making a nice paved surface, it can be easy to see why people do not have it done on a regular basis. It is not the same as replanting the flower beds or even updating a sign. The under grade has to be compact and level. Professional pavers will come out and smooth the grade, measure the area to be paved, mix the concrete or asphalt, pour it and level it off. There is a considerable wait period while the mixture dries and the result is evaluated. Corrections can be made to any low spots. Some people chose to add in Nashua Sealcoating. The expense adds up and the end results is a nice, usable surface.

Like all nice things in life, a parking lot needs Pavement Maintenance Nashua NH. Having cars parked on it day after day and other large vehicles driven on it for hours on end will wear on the surface. Not to mention the harsh beating the weather can throw out with wind, rain, snow and freezing water. A tiny, frozen drop of water in a small crack can become a huge pot hole. Pot holes can ruin a nicely paved surface and make it unusable. A professional Pavement Maintenance Nashua NH can come out and inspect the surface. They can search for any weak spots or areas that are already damaged and write a detailed report with recommendations. If the evaluation is conducted annually, you can keep track of any changes in the surface. This will help to determine if the surface is changing slowly or more rapidly. A quickly degrading surface will need the professional attention on a faster scale than a surface that is slowly degrading. Sometimes, a patch or quick fix might be used. Other times, a total resurface could be necessary.