Performing A Basic Wood Flooring Repair In Tribeca

by | May 3, 2017 | Flooring


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If a hardwood floor becomes scratched after moving furniture across a living room, the following steps can be completed to reverse the signs of damage. Afterward, applying coats of stain and varnish to the repaired area will provide flooring with a uniform appearance.


1. broom

2. floor sanding machine

3. power sander

4. sandpaper

5. vacuum cleaner

6. can of wood stain

7. mixing stick

8. rags

9. can of clear varnish

Sweeping And Sanding Wood

After sweeping a section of flooring that is damaged, a floor sanding machine or power sander should be moved firmly back and forth across each scratch. Sandpaper that is a fine or medium grit will effectively eliminate minor scratches. Once the flooring is smooth, a vacuum cleaner or broom can be used to collect sanding dust from treated surfaces.

Applying Stain And Varnish

Wood stain should be stirred for a minute or two to provide it with an even consistency and eliminate air bubbles. A soft rag should be dipped into stain before moving the cloth over portions of a floor that are lacking stain. A rag needs to be moved with the grain of the wood. A paintbrush should not be used to apply stain because visible brush strokes may be an issue once the stain has dried. The stain will require several hours to dry. Lighter colors of stain take less time to dry. The instructions listed on a container of stain will provide an estimate of how long it may take for a product to dry.

The second coat of stain should be applied to flooring if the first coat did not provide enough coverage. Varnish should be stirred for a couple minutes and a clean rag can be used to wipe it over the fresh stain. Varnish will provide stain with a protective coating and will increase shine.

Maintaining A Wood Floor

After completing a Wood Flooring Repair in Tribeca, flooring should be cleaned with products that are designed for wood, and non-abrasive cloths should be used to apply product. If flooring ever becomes severely damaged, New York Wood Flooring or a similar business can assist with completing a Wood Flooring Repair in Tribeca.