Pre-Party Appliance Repair Checklist: Ensure Your Appliances Don’t Break Right Before the Big Event

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Festive seasons are well celebrated and will be a lot less stressful when all the household appliances are cleaned and in good working condition. It is economical to have them serviced before all major occasions. Appliances that should be included are:


The cycling should be frequent with no noises and the door gasket must be firm. To guarantee that the doors are closing properly make sure to check that the door lights have bulbs that are operational and that the switches are working. Also make sure that the water filter is still operational to make sure that there is clean, good tasting ice and water. Checking these items will guarantee that all beverages will be enjoyed to the maximum! In addition, any food that is stored and preserved is readily available and can be prepared and served to guarantee freshness.


Entertaining a small or large crowd always requires a lot of cleaning. A dishwasher will save both time and energy to clean-up all the dirty dishes, glasses, serving platters and utensils. To make sure that the dishwasher is working properly, investigate to make sure that there are no loose hoses, connections, damaged door switches and crumbling door seals. These are the most sensitive components and must be repaired when not in order as these things can cause water leakage and loss of heat which are necessary to clean and sanitize contents.

Washer and Dryer

Clean linens are a must for every festive occasion. A washer and dryer must always be in good working condition to guarantee safety and good cleaning results. It is suggested to put a small load in the washer, make sure there is a good temperature rise, check the drum cycle and make sure there is no leakage or strange sounds. The door should be tight and well fit. Similarly, put a small load of damp linen in the dryer, observe the drying and cooling temperatures, ensure the door is tight and secures properly, and the drum should cycle in one direction. The drum belts should be tight and lint removed after every load. Also make sure to check the exhaust hose for lint. Excessive amounts of lint can cause a fire in the dryer. If the dryer is gas powered make sure the connections are secure and that there is no gas leaking from the hoses.