Signs That The Time has come for a New Air Conditioner Unit

Nothing beats a reliable Air Conditioner Unit when the weather is hot and sticky outside. Over time, that unit will wear out and need replacing. When the owner is not sure if some repairs are in order or if it time to invest in a replacement unit, consider these signs that the latter is the most practical move.

Higher Energy Consumption

For the most part, the older Air Conditioner Unit still keeps the home comfortable on hot days. One thing that the homeowner has noticed is that the power bill has been higher in recent months. At first, it was easy enough to take the higher bills in stride since the weather was warming. After comparing the current bills with the same period last year, it is obvious that the difference is not due to a rate increase. The unit is consuming more energy even though the weathers is much as it was during that same period last year. While this could mean some sort of repair is in order, it could also mean that several major components are beginning to wear out. If the cost of replacing those parts is high, it may be better to purchase a brand new unit instead.

Hot Spots in the House

Prior to the current season, the unit was able to keep the temperature throughout the home at the same level. That is no longer the case. There are rooms that are noticeably warmer than others. Assuming the duct work is checked, and it does not need some type of repair, the culprit is likely the main unit. A professional can provide some input about the cost of repairs versus buying a new unit.

Noisy Nights

Noise at night is to be expected if there is a party going on. When everyone is snug in their beds, the place should be perfectly quiet. Instead, there is rattling going on while the air conditioning unit is running. The rattles are punctuated with loud thumps when the unit cycles on or off. Since the noise does not make it easy to get any rest, the time has come for a replacement.

For help with decisions about the current unit, have a contractor from visit the home. After a quick inspection, the professional can provide the homeowner with the information needed to make the right decision. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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    Author: Adelfa Abril

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