Steps To Take Before Flooring Installation

by | May 11, 2017 | Flooring


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With a renovation project, there’s likely to be a bit of a mess when everything is done. However, homeowners can take certain steps before wood Flooring Installation, to limit the extent of the cleanup afterward. Below are several simple ways to get the home ready for the installation of wood floors.

Seal Off Any Room That’s Not Getting a New Floor

Sanding floorboards and cutting new ones can create a significant amount of dust. To keep the dust storm out of the rest of the home, the owner can seal off any room that is not included in the floor installation project. After doors are closed, cover the doorways with plastic sheeting and wide masking tape for additional layers of protection.

Take Doors Off the Hinges

To make it easier for the floor installation crew to get into the appropriate area, the owner can remove doors to rooms where the new flooring will be installed. When stacking these doors, be sure to layer them with blankets to prevent serious damage.

Set Up an Outdoor Work Area

If a contractor has to cut hardwood floorboards on site, they should set up a work area outside. When there’s a dedicated outdoor area for floorboard cutting and measuring, it eliminates the need for indoor cleanup after Flooring Installation.

Remove Door Trim

If the homeowner wants to have flooring installed underneath or around door trims, they can make the process much easier by removing the trim pieces before work begins. Not only will this make the job easier, it will cut down on labor hours, which means a lower overall job cost.

Evaluate and Possibly Repair the Subfloor

In cases where the homeowner hasn’t asked the contractor to do anything to the subfloor, they can reinstall it to ensure that it’s tight and free of imperfections. When the subfloor is perfect, the quality of the installation is higher.

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